In the Crypt of Dead Values

by Word of Unmaking



Un-released song from an up-coming New England metal tape compilation.


One by one we climbed down that stair through centuries' dead and brittle bones.
One by one we crept through the gloom of centuries' failed, wasted lives.
One by one: into the Crypt of Dead Values.

The lights: how they played on faces of cold, dead, carven stone:
Our saints, our heroes of cold, dead, carven stone.

We sealed the door - did those faces laugh, grotesque in the dancing light?

And on their brows, the wisdom of the ages.
And on their lips, an eternity of empty bedtime tales.
Above our heads, the ruins of the ages.
And in our hands, the last light shed on the Crypt of Dead Values.

How we crawled: how we clawed those stones: how we strained our ears as the echoes died one by one.
How we cursed those stones: how we strained our eyes as the torches died one by one.

...and when the last light fades, we'll draw our knives.


released February 24, 2014



all rights reserved


Word of Unmaking

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